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How To Build a Cloud-based SaaS Application

What is a Software as a Service (SaaS) application?  

SaaS or only Software as a Service is a new approach which replaces older traditional software license purchase. It is a delivery and maintenance approach such that developers do not have to sell programs in single chunks. Instead, organizations market the related software as a service and usually through a subscription system. A high number of SaaS application businesses are coming up today like Pegasus One SaaS. The SaaS business space is growing at a fast rate attracting more individuals, companies, and organizations.  

These individual companies are floating applications in the cloud because of the following benefits associated with cloud hosting;  

  • Cost efficiency 

      The cost is relatively low since there is no need to purchase and maintain expensive hardware. The only price is the resources used by the app.  

  • Scalability 

        Downgrading and upgrading are only a few clicks away, depending on the current requirements.  

  • Reliability  

        A cloud is a network located all over the world. Your application remains online even if one server fails or breaks down. 

  • Security 

Cloud services are very keen on security to ensure the safety of data that is stored.  

Cloud web applications are accessible from all devices all over the world. The end-user also has access to the latest version of the program. Therefore, there is no need to download updates.  

Developing a SaaS Application 

Developing a SaaS application needs a lot of strategy and planning. Many aspects and questions need answering like, which programming to use, which database, which software tools should be chosen and much more. Below we will focus on the most important things.  

Choosing the Programming Language  

Creating a cloud application means creating a product with a modern programming language. The programming language chosen will depend on the possibilities on offer on each language. Available programming languages include Python, JavaScript (Node.js), PHP (Laravel), and Ruby on Rails.   

Python is widely used because it is structured to stress on its code reading ability. Python contains many frameworks for almost web apps.  

What database to use?  

There are relational databases like MySQL and PostgreSQL and non-relational like MongoDB. The recommended database to install should be a document-oriented database (DOB). The advantage of using DOB is that it gets its type information from the data itself. This allows more flexibility in instances when changes occur. The DOB idea provides a more productive experience with available modern programming techniques.  

The commonly used database is MongoDB. It is a DOB that provides high availability, high performance, and prompt scalability. Scalability is, in fact, the most significant factor for global SaaS organizations.  

Deciding on the Queuing structure

A message queuing system is a nonparallel communication protocol that enables parties not to interact concurrently. It is also known as Message Queuing (MSMQ) technology. The technology allows web applications to operate at varied periods and to communicate with various third parties asynchronously.  

RabbitMQ is an excellent queuing system that runs on all leading operating systems.  

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

CDN can be defined as a simple arrangement of distributed servers that enables content to be served to end-users accessing the database from different locations around the world, with high performance and availability, when a client tries to access your content, the server that is the closest response. There are lots of cloud service providers like AWS, AZURE, and GCP.    

Amazon Web Service (AWS) is one of the best, and it offers free first year hosting. After that, the amount of usage determines the charge. They also provide a different type of cloud-based products such as compute, databases, analytics, mobile, storage, Networking, development tools, and many more.  

The development of cloud apps follows the same procedure as regular web or mobile applications. They must be appropriately structured, designed, and tested just like traditional applications. SaaS reduces the need to install expensive hardware and related installation charges.  

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